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Jamie at work

I went to Massachusetts College of Art and majored in sculpture. While there I constantly found myself vacillating between two worlds. I loved steel and metal fabrication and also enjoyed chainsaw carving and working with wood. I felt that much modern steel sculpture lacked a warmth and natural touch to it and that much wood sculpture seemed to be missing some element. I spent my time at Mass Art making large totem like sculptures combining the two materials and enjoyed the textural and material differences between the two.

After college I worked for a fine furniture maker in New York and a seed was planted. It wasnít until many years later after working for other cabinetmakers and even a titanium bicycle frame manufacturer that I finally took the risk in 2004 to start my own company.

Iíve taken my love and passion for both materials and built a shop over the years that has the capacity to work with all sorts of different materials ranging from heavy steel fabrication to delicate wood veneer work.

I enjoy meeting with clients and helping them develop designs for furniture and interiors that will last them a lifetime. The most rewarding aspect of my business is seeing a smile on a clientís face when we they get their new piece of furniture.

— Jamie Cumming